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Entry #25

Woo, new look.

2012-02-08 00:52:02 by csdthegreat

I like. I hardly ever visit Newgrounds anymore, mostly because it sort of ties me to old stupidity, but it's still a nice redesign. Unlike other sites' redesigns, everything I see here is an improvement.

*Doesn't care that almost no one will ever read this*


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2012-02-08 01:03:09

Actually people will now be able to read this ALOT simply by stumbling upon it via accident! Look down, there are "suggested topics"


2012-08-06 09:34:02

I read it! Yesss!

Oh, and about you switching to the Renoise 2 demo in 2009 (I searched all of my favorites and found your response), I just got into the program yesterday and I am pleased that it exists.