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Woo, new look.

2012-02-08 00:52:02 by csdthegreat

I like. I hardly ever visit Newgrounds anymore, mostly because it sort of ties me to old stupidity, but it's still a nice redesign. Unlike other sites' redesigns, everything I see here is an improvement.

*Doesn't care that almost no one will ever read this*

Why not make a news post?

My obsession for over a month now: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Any fans here? A forum search didn't find any recent threads... Though I know I found a thread a couple weeks ago. Mods don't like the show, maybe?

If you don't know what the show is, or think people are crazy for liking it: It's a new, funny, upbeat show with smooth animation, smart writing, likable characters, and a friendly community made up of fans from a PeripheryDemographic the creators (Who sometimes take part in communities' discussions) probably didn't expect. I don't think it's possible to watch through a few episodes with a group of friends on SynchTube and not feel happy by the end. *Cough* Unless you're consciously denying that you like the show and forcing yourself to dislike it. Sure it's My Little Pony, but that's where some of the fun comes in! I don't think any of the show's biggest fans, at least online, could've ever predicted that they'd ever like anything related to My Little Pony. Or ponies in general. Now they do, and they're shocked. Most fans get comfortable with that after a while, and they get together and start making jokes about how it's the manliest show ever, ponies are the only thing that matters, bronies will take over the world, etc. It's extremely satisfying to get others into the show, ESPECIALLY people who think you've gone insane. Plus, most episodes are easy to find on YouTube (The creators and animators are fine with unofficial uploads, and occasionally link to them from their sites and leave comments), making it easy to spread around.

Start with episode 1 and work through them! Be aware: You're probably not going to like it within ten minutes. I was semi-forced to watch episodes 1 and 2 by my sister, then I watched 3 and 4 after seeing a couple clips, a few online friends discussing it, and some general online fanfare. I decided the show was pretty good, and I was interested enough to keep going. After watching 5-9, I started trying to get others into the show. After episodes 10-16, I realized this was the best new western cartoon I'd seen in about 6 years. Some episodes aren't as great as others, and the newer ones (For the most part) are loved more than the earlier ones, but they're all enjoyable.

If something about the animation or writing feels familiar: It's probably related to Powerpuff Girls/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

So... any fans here? Anyone who'll join me when I want to watch a few episodes on SynchTube? :3


2010-09-19 00:48:29 by csdthegreat

Minecraft has eaten up a lot of my time for the last 6 months.

It's been gaining a lot of popularity recently, thanks to Valve, Machinima, Penny Arcade, famous LPers and blogs, various websites that have some sort of interest in gaming, various websites that aren't related to gaming but still felt the need to mention the game, word of mouth, etc.

So yeah, any random people reading this who play? I need some good SMP servers to explore, and people to share diamonds/builds/stories with.

If you somehow don't know what this game is yet, it's basically the most addictive sandbox game ever:

Old free version: Basically lego. Run around building and breaking blocks, by yourself or with others, and make amazing blocky structures. Possibly on a procedurally generated landscape with hills, caves, beaches, lakes, underground lava pools, meadows, and whatever else. Some multiplayer servers have custom software running that makes more impressive land features... or flat surfaces that are better for building on.

Paid version: Currently only survival mode. Updated often, featuring MUCH better (and infinite) world generation. Take apart the world to collect blocks and other resources, so you can build shelters and avoid monsters. Some materials can be crafted, usually with others in a specific shape, into tools and miscellaneous fun items. Nothing beats riding down a waterfall into a giant cave, lighting the way with torches as monsters rain down upon you. You collect some ores along the way, before reaching the bottom of the waterfall, where the rarest ores are embedded in the stone above giant pools of lava. Note that survival mode can be extremely difficult at times, and crafting recipes are sometimes hard to guess, so after you think you've done all your brain can work out, read the wiki. Also, if you're having trouble with certain situations, the forumssssSSSSSBOOM


Also, to those who say Notch is uncaring, money hungry, incompetent, lazy, or any of the other horrible things I saw on his blog today, you really have no idea what you're talking about. To say he doesn't care about the community is especially infuriating. To give a just a few examples of him caring: He knows our memes and sometimes adds them to the a menu or as an in-game easter egg, he reads the suggestions fans make on various forums, and he directly answers questions on Twitter. Besides that, just look at what he's going thro- oh, wait, you're not listening. Oh well.

POM2 Addiction

2010-02-22 04:34:43 by csdthegreat

So I've grown onto POM2 a bit more since my review. /understatement

Thought I'd post a link to my profile page (RATE ME!) and some song data.

My current highest rated song:

(I've Found You)du-cdf-ncBdf-n cJ-aaw-fczaw-caw-bcBaw-fczaw-c aw-bcBdf-acJ-aaF-fcBaF-fcBaF-f cBcQ-ccQ-bcBaF-fcBaF-fdfaF-fcB aF-ecB-aav-gav-fcFav-gav-cdf-b cZaw-fczaw-caw-bcBaw-fczaw-caw -bcBdf-acJ-acL-ccL-acX-acL-acX -acL-bczcL-ccL-ado-adf-ccz-cbt -gbt-gbt-gbt-gdf-gdf-cdu-cdt-Z -Z-X,jR-aiY-aldjGiNijld-aiNldk k-aiNkkbz-bbgldjGiNijld-aiNjGc X-aiNkkbz-bcxerlcjFoY-alc-aiMl ckj-aiMkjjb-bcklcjFoY-alc-aiMj Fkj-aiMkjjb-biMjh-ajP-alm-glkj FiY-dijlkjJiY-diNlkjJiY-blciii MckcWbfebckbyeNiNckcWbfebeNebc WebckcWbfebckbyeNiNckcWbfebeNe biMiilc-bjbiM-bjFii-bkjlckjjbi Mlc-bjbiM-bjFii-bkjoZkjoZoJlcj FoY-alc-aiMlckj-aiMkjjb-bcklcj FoY-alc-aiMjFkj-aiMkjjb-biMjh- ajP-aldjGiNijld-aiNldkk-aiNkkb z-bbgldjGiNijld-aiNjGdl-aiNkkb z-bcxeb-ceb-ccW-cck-ceb-ceb-cc W-cck-cbu-glo-Z-Z-Z-f,-tcO-adO -acO-adO-acb-cbb-bbJcYcO-ccO-c cb-cbb-bbJcO-ccO-ccb-cbb-bfgeb -aeJ-acO-adO-aebdOdodOcO-adO-a ebdOdodOcO-adO-aebdOdodOcX-gbB -aaO-abBbbdodObB-aaO-adocOcbcO bB-aaO-abBbbdodObB-aaO-adocOcb cOcN-cdN-cdn-ccX-aek-acN-cdN-c dn-ccX-acX-acO-ccO-ccb-cbb-bbJ cO-ccO-ccb-cbb-bfgeb-aeJ-Cbl-b bJcN-ccN-cca-cbA-ccN-ccN-cca-c bA-caX-gcX-Z-Z-Z-f,-djS-afd-ae r-aererdm-admdmbO-bbujS-afd-ae r-aererdm-admdmbO-bcxereb-ceb- ccW-aeb-aby-bcleb-ceb-ccW-aeb- aby-bbujc-ajQ-aeo-ker-ceq-geq- gcz-gcz-gcz-gcz-eiYiueb-ciM-ce N-ceb-ajbiMeb-ciM-ceN-chOcWhOc Web-ceb-ccW-aeb-aby-bcleb-ceb- ccW-aeb-aby-bbujc-ajQ-aec-cec- ccX-cbz-bbgec-cec-a!!-adl-cbz- bcxlcjFiMiilc-clciMiiiMkj-ack- ajbiMiijbiM-clciMiiiMjF-ajb-ai M-aiu-eeq-Z-Z-Z-f

Now an interesting one:

(Unwelcome)-Bdu-caE-fcBaE-fcBa D-fcDaD-gaD-fcBaD-fcDaD-gaD-aa D-aaD-bcBdu-caE-fcBaE-fcBaE-fc BaE-fcBdf-adu-cdfcYaD-gaD-aaD- aaD-bcBby-gby-gby-gby-gdf-edu- adf-Z-Z-Z-Z-I,fw-afw-adY-acT-a fw-afw-adY-acT-afw-afw-adY-acT -afw-afw-adY-acT-afw-afw-adY-a cT-afw-afw-adY-ajD-acU-gcE-ccE -ccG-ccD-ccO-ccO-ccO-ccO-ccD-c cD-ccQ-ace-afw-afw-adY-acT-afw -afw-adY-ajD-afw-afw-adY-acT-a fw-afw-ajD-akh-acU-ecQ-acO-ccO -ccD-ccD-ccD-ccD-ccD-ccD-ccD-c cD-ccD-ccD-ccS-gcQ-Z-Z-Z-Z-I,- hbY-abY-aaY-aal-abY-abY-aaY-aa l-abY-abY-aaY-aal-aam-gbz-gaA- caA-caA-caA-caA-caA-caA-caA-ca A-caA-caA-caA-caJ-aaj-aam-gbz- gam-gbz-gbx-ebw-aaA-caA-caA-ca A-caA-caA-caA-caA-caA-caA-caA- caA-caK-gaJ-Z-Z-Z-Z-I,cT-acT-a bv-aaq-akK-akZ-aif-ajC-gkg-aif -bkZ-bpu-acT-acT-abv-aaq-acT-a cT-abv-adY-aiFjqhWmFiJ-chTixiM ixjqhTkNmfif-ckZ-ciFjqhWmFiJ-c iMixhTkNjqhTkNmfif-aiY-aiJ-aif iJiH-aid-acT-acT-abv-aaq-acT-a cT-abv-adY-acT-acT-abv-aaq-acT -acT-adY-aeK-aiFjqhWmFiJ-chTix iMixjqhTkNmfif-aiY-aiJ-aifiJjU -cjU-akd-aix-cix-aiG-ahT-chT-a ic-amfmfmfmfmfmfmfmfpu-ciJ-cke -Z-Z-Z-Z-I

And an impressive effort:

(Within Reach)aB-ach-acJbjch-a cJcBch-acJbjch-acJcBch-acJbjch -acJcBdf-aaC-bcFaC-bcBaC-bcFaC -bcBaE-bcFaE-bcBaE-bcFaE-bcBaE -acJbkaE-acJcBaE-acJbkaE-acJcB aw-fcFaw-fcBaw-fcFaw-fcBaA-fcA aA-fcBaA-fcAaA-ccB-acB-aaE-acJ bkaE-acJcBaE-acJbkaE-acJcBaw-f cFaw-fcBaw-fcFaw-fcBaC-bcFaC-b cBaC-bcFaC-bcBaE-bcFaE-bcBaE-b cFaE-bcBdf-fcFdf-hcFcS-ccA-acB cBdf-Z-Z-Z-K,-bcIeJglfMcIeJgff vcIeJglfMcIeJgffvcIeJglfMcIeJg fbbcScOcG-ccG-ccG-ccE-ccH-ccH- ccH-ccE-ccIeJglfMcIeJgffvcIeJg lfMcIeJgfbbcE-ccE-ccE-ccE-ccE- ccE-ccE-ccE-ccE-ccE-bcIcE-ccE- ccE-ccE-bcIcE-ccE-ccIeJglfMcIe JgffvcIeJglfMcIeJgfbbcE-ccE-cc E-ccE-ccE-ccE-ccE-ccE-ccG-ccG- ccG-ccE-ccH-ccH-ccH-ccE-ccS-gc S-mcE-acO-acS-Z-Z-Z-K,-jbNex-b bNex-bbNex-bbNex-bbxbubo-cbo-c bo-cbo-cbp-cbp-cbp-cbo-cbNex-b bNex-bbNex-bbNex-bbN-cbN-cbN-c bN-cbN-cbN-cbN-cbN-cbP-cbP-cbP -cbP-cbP-cbP-cbP-cbP-cbNex-bbN ex-bbNex-bbNex-bbN-cbN-cbN-cbN -cbN-cbN-cbN-cbN-cbo-cbo-cbo-c bo-cbp-cbp-cbp-cbo-cbX-gbX-obP -abX-Z-Z-Z-K,-jmjkg-bmjkghTmFm jkg-bmjkghTjCkZkVmKiJifmFmKiJk gifmKiJifmFmKiJkgmHmKiJifmFmKi JkgifmKiJifmFmKiJkgmHmjkg-bmjk ghTmFmjkg-bmjkghTjCmxiJmrnQmxa MmrmXmxiJmrnQmxaMmrkgmxiJmrnQm xaMmrmXmxiJmrnQmxaMmrkgmF-aiJm HlR-amf-amF-aiJjYjt-aixmimg-bj qiB-chT-bixkN-amf-amjkg-bmjkgh TmFmjkg-bmjkghTjCmxiJmrnQmxaMm rmXmxiJmrnQmxaMmrkgmxiJmrnQmxa MmrmXmxiJmrnQmxaMmrkgmKiJifmFm KiJkgifmKiJifmFmKiJkgmHmKiJifm FmKiJkgifmKiJifmFmKiJkgmHmxiJ- fmxbb-f!!-amxiJmrnQmxaMmrkgkg- Z-Z-Z-K

Contest entry:

(Nostalgia)dodjdoczcX-ccX-acX- acX-ccX-acX-acX-ccX-acX-acX-cc X-acX-acX-cdf-ccz-caW-caW-bcBa W-aaW-aaW-aaWcBaW-aaW-aaW-aaW- aaW-aaW-aaWaWaWcBbH-cbH-abH-ab H-cbH-abH-abH-cbH-abH-abH-ccB- acB-aaW-caW-bcBaW-caW-acB-aaW- caW-bcBaW-caW-acB-acM-ccz-caW- caW-bcBaW-aaW-aaW-aaWcBaW-aaW- aaW-aaW-aaW-aaW-acBcBcBcBaW-ca W-bcBaW-aaW-aaW-aaWcBaW-aaW-aa W-aaW-aaW-aaW-aaWaWaWcBaW-bcAa W-bcBaW-bcAaW-bcBdf-cdu-cdf-cd fdodfcBdf-cdu-cdf-cdfdodfcBcz- caW-caW-bcBaW-aaW-aaW-aaWcBbu- abu-abu-abu-abu-abu-abububucBd f-sdu-cdf-Z-Z-k,-bdY-adJ-ajr-a iN-aev-adJ-ajr-ajV-adJ-adJ-ajr -aiN-aev-adJ-ajr-ajV-adJ-acE-c cS-gfh-cev-cdJ-afh-aev-acE-aev -cdJ-cev-ccE-cdJ-ajr-aiN-aev-a dJ-ajr-ajV-adJ-adJ-ajr-aiN-aev -adJ-ajr-ajV-adJ-adJ-ccE-cbS-c ab-aev-adJ-ccE-cbS-cab-aev-adW -cdY-cfh-cev-cdJ-afh-aev-acE-a ev-cdJ-cev-ccE-cfh-cev-cdJ-afh -aev-acE-aev-cdJ-cev-ccE-cdJ-c dJ-ccE-cev-cdX-gcg-cap-cdX-gdX -cap-abb-acS-cfh-cev-cdJ-afh-a ev-acE-aev-cdJ-cev-ccE-ccg-odZ -gdV-Z-Z-k,-tcK-gcK-obY-cbP-cb p-caC-abP-abp-aac-abp-caC-cbp- cac-scA-cdN-ccA-ceN-ccA-cbN-cb n-caa-ada-acA-cbN-cbn-caa-ada- acK-ccL-cbP-cbp-caC-abP-abp-aa c-abp-caC-cbp-cac-cbP-cbp-caC- abP-abp-aac-abp-caC-cbp-cac-cb N-cbN-cbn-cbN-ccK-gbx-cak-ccK- gcK-cak-aaK-abX-bbYbP-cbp-caC- abP-abp-aac-abp-caC-cbp-cac-cb x-ocM-gcJ-Z-Z-k,-bla-akZ-ajC-a iYiJifiYkZ-ajC-akgiJkZixkZ-ajC -aiYiJifiYkZ-ajC-akgiJkZixpu-g cT-cixjq-ajwhTix-amjkNhTixkNhT mGmfkNhT-ckN-chT-bmGmfmfmfmfkZ -ajC-aiYiJifiYkZ-ajC-akgiJkZix kZ-ajC-aiYiJifiYkZ-ajC-akgiJkZ iYix-chT-bixkN-cmfmf-aiMix-bjU hT-biMix-bmGmfmfkNhTmImiix-biM ixiMixjq-ajwhTix-amjkNhTixkNhT mGmfkNhT-ckN-chT-bmGmfmfmfkNix jq-ajwhTix-amjkNhTixkNhTmGmfkN hT-ckN-cjq-bmGmfmfmfmfix-cix-c hT-cjq-ajU-aix-chT-bixkN-cmfmf -aiMix-bjUhT-biMix-bmGmfmfkNhT pu-bcTixjq-ajwhTix-amjkNhTixkN hTmGmfkNhT-ckN-chT-bmGmfmfmfmf kZ-ajC-aiYiJifiYkZ-ajC-akgiJkZ iYiJ-Z-Z-s




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I just don't get it.

2010-01-25 22:03:17 by csdthegreat

I've come across a few well-thought-out reviews of mine that are marked as useless for what seems like absolutely no reason. I click on the submissions to see what people think are helpful reviews, and they're always "dis gaem fun l0lz"

"Reviews" like those do not help out the author in any way whatsoever. The options are Helpful, Useless, and Abusive. They are not Like, Dislike, and Delete For The Lulz. Why is it that no one on Newgrounds can properly rate a review?

It just bugs me.

Oh yeah, right.

2010-01-10 14:28:30 by csdthegreat

So... I got Flash CS4 for Christmas.

And a book on Actionscript 3.

I'm gonna try to learn how to make games.


New YouTube channel layout forced on everyone today.

2009-09-30 05:28:22 by csdthegreat

Epic RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE from the community by morning.

I don't have to explain how the design is terrible... the cramped little comment box is too hard to read, not going straight to video pages is annoying, user info is hidden under the giant featured video... those are pretty minor, but they stand out in my mind. Glitches with video ads playing behind videos and hearing video audio on other pages are probably not fixed, plus backpaging may still do horrific things to the channels.

Anyway, I present to you... THE FUTURE!

csdthegreat: I want to make a YouTube video about the 3.0 channel beta
csdthegreat: "We've noticed a lot of people complaining about video descriptions being ignored, which is why we now have the description text on top of the video."
csdthegreat: "There is no longer any reason why changing the look of your channel should be a problem. We've designed a system to determine what color scheme would work best with your channel based on your favorites and uploads. As you can see, it has me down pretty well with this hot pink on teal color scheme."
csdthegreat: "Don't worry about ever having to scroll down to see user info - We removed the boxes in favor of a drop down menu on the featured video where you can see a user's subscribers, channel description, subscriptions, and comments."
csdthegreat: "YouTube Partners will be glad to know that video ads now play before videos, during videos, and after videos, and take up most of the video. There's also no way the user can click them away or use an ad blocker."

The amazing world of this upcoming Christmas season... you know it's true!

Tasty Static is a fantastic game. If you do not have it, get it now. You have no excuse for not downloading, playing, and loving this game. NO EXCUSE. Also note that I really thought I wouldn't like the game that much. Then I was just plain blown away by the level design, music, animation, etc. Why haven't you downloaded it yet?! YOU SHOULDN'T BE READING THIS, YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING TASTY STATIC RIGHT NOW. Oh, here's a gameplay video for you with a few of the simpler non-spoilery levels. (The later levels are so good they shouldn't be spoiled for anyone who hasn't played before.) I suggest you read the description, too. BLAH, it's going on 5 AM... Just look. And download. And play. And join the forums. And play my user levels. And enjoy. And spread the word. And use the word "and" a lot like I'm doing right now.

/* */

My dream.

2009-06-08 15:38:22 by csdthegreat

UNRELATED EDIT NEW YOUTUBE VID: FtB Mashfest '09: Disgruntled DJ. Great game, right? Okay, I didn't mash as much as I could've.


So at Grandma's house, my aunt dressed up as the US ambassador and jumped out of a closet trying to scare me, Mom dressed up in jungle clothes and went out into the suddenly very green, leafy backyard (came back screaming), I had a discussion about DDR music with a friend who only plays Guitar Hero in the way of music games, some kids and their mother apparently started living there, one kid saw a piece of furniture that didn't really exist, I thought Drayne was doing a YTP tennis with me when he wasn't, I had to scrape Grandma's party mashed fish head Thanksgiving dinner off the floor (I spilled it, it took a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time), and I was playing a game I made in real life where you have to take a metal bar and place it over white Tetris blocks to make them disappear (If you hit the right button at the right time) and a Furby-sized lion who was actually George W. Bush and another political figure who was even worse (Don't know who) were sitting on opposite sides of the wall of blocks and I deleted the other, more horrible guys wall while leaving one little block for GWB to balance on (It was funny how he had trouble). The "Rate this game" bar underneath the scene was flashing gold and was up to 9.7/10 or so. I think surgery and hospitalization came in somewhere. How was YOUR dream?

Things that have been bugging me.

2009-05-27 00:32:00 by csdthegreat

Games: Missing quality controls - What, are we supposed to just deal with lag? Reviews from the future: "I can't play this game because it keeps freezing, but booooy does that cloud look nice! 10/10"

Games: Missing Menu/Reset/Edit: PAUSE buttons - I don't want to have to continue on if I mess up a perfect game. These are faster than reloading. Edit: Some people can't play 10 minute levels without scratching an itch or rubbing an eye. Include a pause button! Even in music games, you could probably rewind the song by a second and take out the notes that have already been judged!

Games: Offsync music games - It just doesn't feel right to hit notes a second after they're heard... can't go by the music. I'd probably do better with the game muted.

Games: Inaccurate hitboxes - "Oh, I have PLENTY of room to do thi- WHAT I WAS HALFWAY ACROSS THE SCREEN HOW DID THAT HIT ME"

Games: Lack of proper instructions - Don't you hate it when the author assumes you know you start the game by clicking the pixel on the inverse of x25 and y53 so you can get the umbrella you need to fly to the secret super-intelligent elephant hideout in Antarctica?

Songs: Presets - If the tools are available to you, why not go the extra mile and make the song the way it is in your head?


People: Fred haters - I can't go to a single submission anywhere on the internet without seeing JUNE 1ST UNSUBSCRIBE TO FRED I HATE FRED WHAAAAAAAAAAAA. Not everyone is going to like/hate something and I doubt losing subscribers is enough to upset the guy, assuming he cares about making videos at all.

People: Chain spammers - My second cousin's cat has not had explosive diarrhea due to me not pasting something onto 271 videos in 9 seconds.

People: DDR haters - You say DDR is the easiest game ever with, I force you to try THIS on a pad. That ending suuuure looks easy, doesn't it? Yeah, you idiots think these games have only 10 songs and half of them are "Barbie Girl" techno remixes. Meh. StepMania's better.

Just a small fraction of the hundreds of things that have been getting on my nerves.